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 Hey guys, it's been a (very) long time!

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Hey guys, it's been a (very) long time! Empty
PostSubject: Hey guys, it's been a (very) long time!   Hey guys, it's been a (very) long time! EmptySat Dec 19, 2015 3:17 am

Hey guys, it's been a long time. Lightningkid here.

On my 2015's Christmas break when I was digging my archives I found pictures and documents of Constellation Knights and it brought me back here. It was such a nostalgia. I was still a brat that time yet I really enjoyed each of my time in Constellation Knights.
Now before I continue, let me tell you a funny story.

Upon remembering about our clan here, I tried to enter the forum once again, just to see how much fun I had back then. But I already forgot my password, and apparently there's a feature that prevents admins to use forgot password feature, means admins can't use forgot password feature. It put me in a rage situation. I tried literally hundreds of possibilities that MIGHT be my password, to no avail. I tried various ways to enter but I just couldn't. At my most desperate point, I searched on my email, and I found it! my password from the first time I made the account! Without further ado I ventured on this forum. I read every one of the threads here, every pages, everything on this forum, and I cried.

I cried on how childish and what a brat I was. I realized that being a star bearer, sarcastic or not you guys respected me. You guys responded to every childish thing I said. Eventually, I reached to the point that I wished we were still an item. I wished we were still one family. Indeed we weren't the closest family I've seen, But my time with you guys were the most enjoyable.

I realized how we struggled about our server, that even though we rarely play together, our host ZAKUN tried his best for us.
I realized how we had competitions but it all failed eventually.
I realized how we were completely a messed up clan and all my efforts are, well, shit.
I realized how immature we were.

I went back to the terrariaonline forum, to read every pages of our thread. stream of tears formed from my eyes to my chin.
I said to myself, "wow what a brat you were. look at all those childish posts!"
I laughed, and replied, "I'd like to be a brat once again, if I could feel the joy I felt those days".

What's with this post? No, I'm not trying to revive Constellation Knights.
Constellation Knights isn't meant to be revived. There's only one Constellation Knights, and no more can be created. We were one and unique.
I know no matter how hard I tried I could never bring the same atmosphere I felt those days.

I just want to say thank you guys.

You know what, at that time I was like 13? 14? or 15?
Now I'm 18. Now I'm officially a member of the society.
I went away from my homeland to a strange country, full with strangers. I strive to life.
I study hard on my college. I work hard everyday on my part time jobs. I consumed as much fun as I could in between those two.
Yet you guys know,
I can't feel the same joy as I felt in Constellation Knights.

Thank you guys for being a part of my childhood.
Thank you very much, for bringing happiness to my childhood.
You know what, while reading this I could remember some of the stupid events, or stupid conversations I once had with you guys.
It made my tears flowing non stop.

Thank you, for everything.

If, just if, you want to contact me again, feel free to PM me here.
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Hey guys, it's been a (very) long time!
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